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The Spiritual Warriors

Leroy Joe is a First Nations musician from The  Lil’wat of the St’at’imc Nation. He has been playing guitar and writing songs for over 30 years. His most recent accomplishments include 2 awards and 8 nominations at the 2019 Native American Music Awards in Niagara Falls NY, USA. His band, The Spiritual Warriors won Best World and his other project, The Kindness Project won  Best Historical/Linguistic. Leroy wrote the music and helped to produce both projects, his band Kalan Wi, also won for Best Historical/Linguistic in 2013 at the NAMA’s. Leroy blends the Lil’wat language and chanting style with reggae and world music to create a unique roots/rock sound, Leroy also plays many genre’s, including bluegrass, reggae, jazz, rock, folk and pop. Leroy has released four recordings in his career including a recording of the Lower St’at’imc people’s hand drum songs, a recording the people of  St’at’imc use to learn the songs that where handed down from the ancestors.

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