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Shawn Bullshields

Shawn Bullshields, the singer/guitarist musician, could be found over the past five years playing on a daily basis to appreciative crowds and passers-by on Granville Island.  It has been his ‘hot spot’ and the setting where he credits his learning to perform on a professional level.  To the delight of many, Shawn has charmed knowing adults of all ages, as well as young children, who are enchanted by his voice and spirit; that inherent sincerity cannot be manufactured.
He has also played numerous various festivals and gigs in and around the Lower Mainland and Southern Alberta throughout his career.

Shawn was born and raised among Niitsitapi (the “Blackfoot-speaking real people”). He’s from the Blackfoot Nation on the great prairies, the rocky mountains ever present in the distance as far as the eye can see, replete with possibility.

After years of struggling with addiction, Shawn landed in BC where his musical journey began, which he had not known lived inside of him. His origins, both geographically and emotionally, incite his creativity, his music, his empathy, and this wonderful ability to connect with others in a meaningful way.  He conveys sincerity and this is the foundation that culminates in what is heard in Shawn’s music: an aching truth, along with being an effective storyteller.  

If you know nothing about this human being, and remain still to listen to his deep resonant voice performing any one of the tunes in his varied repertoire, you will come away feeling better connected with others and with yourself  in some magical way.  This is only a piece of his essential gift: the significant weight of Shawn’s own life journey heard in every single song. 

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