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Nathaniel White

K’iijuuhlaas Nathaniel Oliver White is a multi-disciplinary artist from Old Massett, Haida Gwaii, with a background in creative writing, filmmaking, Haida language, and music production. Rooted in everything from alternative folk to funk, his sense of culture, musicality, and rhythm shines through in his songs. With a total of eight years of composition and songwriting within his skillset, he has honed his abilities enough to begin production on his upcoming album, Monument.

“My grandfather, Chief 'Idansuu Morris White, was a boat-builder and carver. His biggest dream was to craft a traditional dugout canoe, and by the end of his life, he succeeded in that dream twice over. He said, ‘It needs to be done before all the trees are gone, I’ve seen cedars 15-20 feet in diameter… Monument to the creator… cut down for making pulp or building houses.' Today, it’s our culture, language, and self determination that’s in danger, and music is my craft, so that’s why this album is called Monument.”

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