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Mr ClassiK

My love for music was always very evident , from waking up in the morning and hearing my grandmother sing as she made fire right to my mother and father meeting because of music. Music in general was always the light at the end of the tunnel. In complete honesty I never liked rap for my whole life I was more of a country and rock type of guy. As a young boy I wasn’t really into writing or trying to learn an instrument, I was more into seeing the beauty that the world had to offer. Hunting, fishing, and camping, I was always a man for the outdoors. It was not until I had relocated to Kwadacha B.C (Fort Ware) when I was 14 years of age. At this time, I met two of the most inspirational individuals of my music career. Marty McCook (Skillz DnK) and Darren Porter (DFP) who introduced me to the love of Hip Hop music and writing and rhyming. We as kids growing up in an isolated reserve had not many things to do so we picked up music as an avenue to release our passion and energy to what we thought was just our community, recording on a karaoke machine and a camcorder with the lens cap on in between speakers just to get some from of recording out. It was not until I got emersed into the music production that I self learned the art of digital music and recording on a laptop and Bingo mic. We then started to push our music on the internet via Myspace, Bebo and other platforms. Once our production became somewhat presentable, I went to a different level of music by upgrading our system using Pro Tools and a studio mic at this time I was a solo emcee starting to push waves on the level of live performances and working with Garrett Seymour (Suzpekt) as my co founder of Clique 89 as an emcee. He soon later found his love for Production and became our main producer for all our Instrumentals. It was around this time that I wanted to become a better audio tech and overall music production and attended the Art Institute of Vancouver for their Recording of the Arts program for a duration of one semester. It was later that Marty McCook (Skillz DnK) and I became the main front men for Clique 89 doing a song called “Never Be a Stepping Stone” solidifying our duo. Since then, together we have pushed our music to new heights, we have done multiple live appearances and getting our studio quality recording on the major platforms as iTunes and ReverbNation where it is still available for streaming and downloads.

Clique 89 is always willing to do performances still writing and recording for our own purposes as we became fathers and started our new life’s journeys with our careers and kids.

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