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Michelle Heyoka Headshot.jpeg

Michelle Heyóka

Michelle Heyóka is a singer, songwriter, and a young mother of two from Vancouver, B.C. Heyóka was raised in the projects, where she experienced various adversities, and poverty, which gave her the drive & determination to overcome the struggles she was born into, and provide a life of love and abundance for her two children. 

Some of her other recent highlights include various exposures, where In April 2021, Heyóka & Terell Safadi’s song “Made for This” was played on Sportsnet’s Hockey Night in Canada, and will continue to play throughout the NHL Playoffs. She also has had tracks played on CBC’s Reclaimed Radio, Toronto’s Vibe 105 Radio, COOP Radio in Vancouver, and has made appearances at venues such as the International Jazz Festival in Vancouver, and the Concurrence Music Gathering.. 

Heyóka describes her music as raw & honest, where she accredits pulling inspiration from artists like Amy Winehouse, Jhené Aiko & Kehlani. Her mesmerizing R&B vocals, unique voice, and catchy melodies will leave you hooked. 


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