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Darius McCook

My Name is Darius Montana McCook, A.K.A iLL97
I am an Aboriginal HipHop artist from Fort Ware, Kwadacha B.C.
I am part of the Tsekani Nation,
My Mother is Tahltan, and my Father is Tsekani.
It is my dream to represent my people and give them the same pride I have as a First Nation.
The Same love and respect I’ve gained throughout my life.
My Influences have always been my brothers! “Clique89”. They are the pinnacle to everything
I’ve done. “Music wise”. I wouldn’t be this good if it wasn’t for the hunger and the
competitiveness they’ve shown.
I’ve been critiquing my Path for a long time. I Started a group called “RekaNation” with my
brother/Best friend.
I’ve been into HipHop since I was 7years old, I started recording at age 14. I am on their album
CliQue89 “Another Day Goin By”.
Branching off to our next project “DeadEndRecordZ.Vol.1”

You can find our music on YouTube under: “RekaNation” and “CliQue89”
On iTunes “ DeadEndRecordz Vol.1”

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