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Big Willie G

Big Willie G (‘Namgis/Kwakwaka’wakw) of Alert Bay is a 21-year-old Blues, Rock, and Country folk musician. He grew up listening to the Blues greats Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Cash. You can feel it in his ability to tell his life stories in songwriting. Born in Campbell River BC, his music showcases the complexities, hardships and tenacity of a 1st Nations youth and how he’s turned that into a zeal for life. At age 9 his Father Christopher Willie (Topher) bought him his first Guitar, a black Fender Stratocaster. His continuing journey is a true inspiration for the young and continues and illustrates why we love the Blues today. Many bar gigs, many festivals, now watch as it all pays off.

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